September 13, 2015
Party Bus

Brendan and Auntie Janice drove back to Ottawa in the van, but the kids and I decided to take the "Party Bus" back to Waterloo. The kids were inclined to fight after a bit and I had to put them into two separate aisles. But then Elizabeth suddenly decided it would be more fun to share a seat with Matthew and after that they were very well behaved.

Uncle Marcus was MC for the bus and it was neat to see him in his natural habitat (he run a touring company - if you ever want to go to Niagara Falls you should go with him!) It was all very romantic (haha) and we were very careful to look for all our belongings at the end of the trip as the alternate was we  "might NEVER see it again!"

Matthew was very curious about the toilet facilities, so we went to check it out. He was quite entertained ("Me peeing on road really fast!") but the real charm was the big flush button. He would have liked to visit that flush button many more times than he was allowed. It was located directly above a very tempting red emergency button. We did not press the red button, but this wasn't due to lack of desire...

The trip went very quickly, especially after all three kids passed out. After we arrived in Waterloo and woke up the kids, the whole crew of us decided to go to Swiss Chalet. We picked the Swiss Chalet that thickens their Chalet sauce with wheat (luckily I knew about this from the Ontario Celiac Facebook page). They were out of chocolate milk (!), pizza and the new beef they are advertising. It took them more than an hour to deliver our meal and Uncle Marcus had to go and talk sternly to the kitchen staff before they finally got our food. So we didn't get to bed until after 10pm but the company was great and the kids were very well behaved.

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