September 15, 2015
Visiting Great Grandma

We took Amelia to visit Great Grandma for the first time and although Matthew piddled on her floor after not pulling his pull-up up correctly and Elizabeth used the handrails at the retirement facility as an impromptu gymnastics arena the kids were otherwise well behaved. We visited twice on both days we were there and got photos of Grandma holding a smiling Amelia both days. Elizabeth has discovered she can give Matthew piggybacks and so she spent quite a lot of time staggering around with him while I cringed at the near collisions with doors etc. We also went to visit Great Grandpa's new headstone at the cemetery.

Aunt Val and cousin Katrina dropped in to say hello in the morning of the second day, as did cousin Jacob and Aunt Judy. I admired the baleen thimble and narwhale ivory needle Mary brought down from up North. It was even cooler to see and touch a piece of actual baleen. She has a narwhale tusk too, but it's still in Pang.

Matthew got his own butter after he asked "Is that butter for me?" Receiving an affirmative reply, we were rather shocked when he casually picked up the entire stick and started gnawing on it. NOT what was meant!

Jacob and Judy came with us to visit Great Grandma and we all had a picnic outside for lunch! I think Amelia got stung by a wasp - some kind of insect bite on her ankle in any case! I didn't get any proper photos of the great grandchildren together as the two boys were too busy! We went and played in the new playstructure near Wellesley after visiting Grandma while Jacob went home and had a nap. Later he came and played too. Then we went back to visit Grandma again before supper. But first we needed to cool off at the splash park. It was time for the Fall Fair so we had to pay admission. I was THRILLED when the older man selling tickets asked how many adults and children. "Two adults and three kids", Auntie Mary replied. "Is she in grade eight or less?" he persisted, pointing at me. "If she's not in high school yet, she's free!" Mary was all "!" and then "...." and then "The kids in the back are all hers!" "Well you never know" Probably he says that to all the ladies but of course it made my day. Elizabeth didn't understand why we thought this was so funny.

After the splash park we took the kids to the fair. "What IS a fair?" Elizabeth demanded. "Describe it to me and then I will know if we want to go." We let them go on one ride (an elephant of course) and play one game. They were very happy to "win" stuffies. Then we had sausage and corn on the cob at Carl and Judy's (Chris and Andrea and Ian came too!) which was super nice. Judy took us next door to admire her neighbour's aquariums from which most of our plants came. Niiiice tanks (especially the discus). We came away laden with chemicals which the neighbour gave me after hearing that we were experimenting with fertilizers for the plants. Brendan was jealous of my visit and wants to go ask lots of questions himself! The kids were mainly impressed with the talking and miaowing birds upstairs. "Good bye, Good bye, Good bye" the birds shrieked as we left.

On September 22, 2015 at 01:22 pm
Grandma H said:
Not in high school yet!!! Lol! Must have been before the flight...

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