September 18, 2015
First day of "preschool"

Matthew has been telling everyone who will listen that he's going to preschool this year on "Thursday", which is when all good things happen around here apparently. He's also going to be toilet trained on Thursday, but sadly when I announced that today it was Thursday and he should be toilet trained he informed me that he was waiting until "February".

In any case, once Elizabeth started school Matthew started telling everyone about HIS school. It sounded remarkably similar to Elizabeth's school, as did the activities. Elizabeth got quite frustrated ("Matthew, you don't even go to school yet!!!")

In any case, we decided we'd better sign Matthew up for something preschool-like. He went to preschool activities at Dovercourt last year and quite enjoyed it, so we started back there. But our previously non-clingy child has suddenly turned into one of THOSE kids. The staff had to physically pry him off me and hold him for a couple of minutes until he decided to participate. Then he was fine until the last half hour when they came to fetch me. "Matthew's just been lying disconsolately on a ball for the last fifteen minutes", said the nice staffer. "I think he's done..." But he was quite excited about having made a craft and going to school. "Next time I need my mommy to stay though" he said. True to form, he was even worse the next time. When we dropped him off at the Glebe Community Centre for a tot class he completely refused to stay in the class. This isn't a class where the teacher can devote all her attention to calming down a storming Matthew, so I told him either he had to stay or he had to go home and nap. So we went home and he slept for two hours instead. At least by the following week he decided he was ready to try "preschool" again. He was quite keen until the actual moment of separation. So I stayed for a few minutes. Then I asked if it was okay if I left to change Amelia's diaper. "O-tay", he agreed. We just didn't reappear and he was fine. I remember doing a similar thing with Elizabeth. Kids are funny creatures!

On October 12, 2015 at 01:53 pm
Grandpa H said:
Indeed, kids are funny creatures. I will refrain from telling your stories here though ;)

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