October 7, 2015
4 months

At four months, Amelia has discovered how to roll over! Front to back and back to front. She tends to roll from her back to her front and then sits way up high on her belly, the better to grab at the target object (there's always a target object).

She has a long attention span and loves to play with her toys... and some of her siblings' toys too. This is not always sanctioned - after Matthew's beloved (tiny) plastic dinosaur was rescued from her mouth we've started talking to the kids about putting things away they don't want eaten or destroyed. "We can just rescue it from her poo, like that bead Matthew ate when he was a baby" said Elizabeth helpfully.

She's definitely spitting up less, although she has not exactly stopped. She's actually been known to go a whole day without puking on anyone, but then she tends to make up for it shortly thereafter.

She's still a great sleeper. Frequently I put her down at night around 7pm, she wakes up briefly for a snack around 10pm and 2am before waking up again at 7am. I usually sleep through the 2am feeding. Actually she doesn't really wake up all the way - with her eyes firmly closed she just opens her mouth and wiggles around until she finds food! She's now mobile enough that I've started paying attention to where I leave her as we don't want her to roll off the bed!

She's a very happy and smiley little girl who is easy to look after - I'm very much enjoying her babyhood. Grandma J was surprised when I said that as our perceptions are entirely different. I feel like Amelia hardly ever cries and when she does it's always for a good reason that can be fixed. BUT... everyone else assures me that is only true if I'm the one holding Amelia. She's happy to be held by others under the right circumstances. Once she's decided she wants Mommy she's got quite an incredible wail and I am told it does NOT stop until I arrive.

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