October 4, 2015
Broken nose

We had been plotting to go apple picking for quite some time.  We'd also been plotting a play date with Elizabeth's friend Karis from church and with Aidan and company.  Being ones to try and optimize our time as best as we are able we did the only sensible thing and combined the three activities.  After church we all piled into the car and headed home for a quick lunch before dashing off to the orchard.  Forty minutes later we pulled in along with 12000 of our closest friends.  The place was a zoo.  A very well organized zoo, but a zoo none the less.  Dianne and her mom and the kids pulled up just as we were getting out of the van and we all headed over toward the entrance marvelling at our great foresight in all arriving at the same time and actually finding each other amongst the hoards.  A few of us needed to use the facilities and so the rest headed over to the "straw jump" to wait for a couple of minutes.  The kids climbed and jumped and crawled and were having a great time until... as Elizabeth later described it she failed to put her hands in front of her when she fell down.


And that was the end of apple picking for the day as Karis and Matthew did not want to go apple picking without Elizabeth, and Elizabeth wasn't fit for anything. Daddy acquired some ice from the owners of Mountain Orchards and after a few minutes we decided to head home. The owners insisted on giving us some free donuts, and would have given us free apples but I was too rattled by the whole thing to accept. Karis thought the donuts were pretty good. "At least we didn't have to pay" she said! "I'd rather have paid and not hurt my nose!" wailed Elizabeth. Karis had been advocating very strongly to do "work first, then play" as that is apparently their family rule. Elizabeth and Matthew have now taken this principle to heart. "If we had listened to Karis", Elizabeth pointed out "I probably wouldn't have hurt myself. And we would have had a tractor ride and some apples."


Once home, we had a quick consultation with our neighbour (who happens to be a pediatrician) and she confirmed she'd take her to CHEO if it was her kid. So Daddy and Elizabeth headed to CHEO and Matthew and Amelia and I waited at home. The doctors got Elizabeth to sniff in both nostrils (to check for blockages) and checked her out thoroughly. They concluded that the reason the one side took a really long time to stop bleeding was probably due to leftover hemangioma on that side but that even if the nose was broken, since it was very even there was nothing to be done. "Just don't bang it again", they instructed.

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