October 6, 2015
Les devoirs

Now that Elizabeth is in grade one, she is expected to do homework. When I first discovered this I was a little concerned because we already have a full enough schedule and I didn't want to replace our carefully considered activities with busy work with little to no benefit.

But since I already freaked out on the teacher prematurely once this year I decided to wait and see what was involved before worrying about it. Turns out that Elizabeth is supposed to do fifteen minutes or less, four times a week and this involves her reading a book and then writing a couple of sentences. Since we were already doing this, I decided it was okay to switch from English to French.

I'm not quite sure why Elizabeth is SO ENTHUSIASTIC about homework, but she definitely was super excited to finally begin. "Finally, I get to do school at home", she gloated. This was perplexing since we do math homeschool and piano practice nearly every single day, in addition to the odd other homeschool stuff, but apparently that isn't real.

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