October 19, 2015
Kids vote!

Friends Rachel and Andrew from the cottage invited us to participate in a kid's vote. We decided it would be fun to mail in ballots from Ottawa so printed up a bunch. We voted in two locations. Polling officer Auntie Janice was much more strict than I was, but I'm sure it was more educational! If I hadn't been so ill we might have gone more full out (there was talk of lawn signs between the neighbours since they were participating!) In the end we managed 16 Ottawa voters out of 29 ballots in total.

The kids had no trouble figuring out what to vote for on their own, except for the political party question. I got Elizabeth to do a quiz to figure out which party she most closely aligned with, although I did skip some questions as they would have required too much explaining of totally unfamiliar concepts ("what's a pipeline?" turned out to be challenging enough!) Then I told her she either had to vote Green or Blue. She really wanted to vote red though, because it's closest to pink (I have no idea what she ended up voting for). Quite a few kids voted based on colour, to some consternation when they insisted on picking the "wrong" party in their parents' opinion... Most of the Ottawa crew had never heard of Geronimo Stilton before. It's new to us as well - I guess we'll have to get it out of the library!

In the end the Conservative Party, Ice Cream, and Spiderman won!

Here is final the breakdown:

Political parties:


Green 9 31%

Liberal 4 14%

NDP 1 3%

Conservative 15 52%

Favourite Food:

Pizza 4 14%

Kraft Dinner 3 10%

ice cream 13 45%

cake 9 31%

Favourite Character:

Bob the Builder 4 14%

Elsa 6 21%

Spiderman 7 24%

Winnie the Pooh 1 3%

Geronimo Stilton 4 14%

Mickey Mouse 0 0%

Lightning McQueen 2 7%

Strawberry Shortcake 5 17%

On November 10, 2015 at 11:03 am
Auntie Janice said:
Next time I'll actually have a polling station complete with REAL ballot box from elections canada. :D

But we should have another place that explains the choices...

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