November 7, 2015
Ottawa Maker Faire

Our whole household went to the Ottawa Maker Faire. Every time we go it's bigger - this year it's the first Canadian Feature Faire and it was pretty amazing. I just wish we'd had more time to geek out as we only got to see a small fraction of what was on display.

It's amazing how much technology has progressed since we first discovered the Maker Faire in 2013, especially the 3D printers!

I quite liked the old-school film being powered by bicycle. The kids were all "this is how they used to make movies?" and I was all "yup, minus the bicycle part". There was a guy who was developing film onsite the old fashioned way too but he was too cool to talk to kids so my initial interest totally fizzled out. There were robots everywhere and lots of SCIENCE!

Elizabeth and Matthew got to fly drones; or at least crash them wildly into the tent enclosure that was setup to prevent kids from causing drone mayhem...

They also used an iPod to control a robot and pick up a tictac box, threw balls into an automated scoring tracker, took apart a puzzle mascot (and wore it), danced on a fun interactive playmat and played in the musical sand. Not that they knew it was musical as it was headphone only, but basically they sculpted sand into peaks and valleys and the light "read" the sand as sound. They were totally freaked out by the scalp massager because they thought the wires were actually going into the demonstrator's skull.

Elizabeth and Matthew also quite enjoyed the little bits devices that allowed them to connect lights, buzzers, switches etc together to build "really cool toys".

Brendan says he could have spent all day photographing the elaborate Lego creations... I want a digital enabled mirror for the hall closet...

On November 27, 2015 at 01:24 am
Grandma H said:
Quite the display! Matthew looks totally awed, and Elizabeth very excited. The mirror like the one that says nascent?

Is that really a Lego operating room?

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