December 10, 2015
Auntie Karen's birthday

The first thing that happened today: Elizabeth didn't want to get up for school. I was about to insist when she asked for a bucket. And threw up. Sigh.

We were all set to cancel our birthday celebrations for Auntie Karen, but then Elizabeth perked up. Of course I kept her home from school, but she acted pretty normally and ate as much and as often as we'd let her. So since no one else has gotten sick and she seemed fine, after consulting with Karen we decided to carry on.

The kids worked hard on their birthday cards. Matthew's involved much cutting and taping, because both activities are NOT encouraged so of course he is obsessed.

Auntie Karen made a felt advent crèche this year with the help of her friend Kerri, which is pretty sweet - can't wait to see the whole story at the end of Advent. I was also excited to hear that Auntie Karen has a new computer for her birthday so we'll soon get more Xander, Zee and Theo pictures on their blog too!

For supper, we ate Swiss Chalet and chocolate confetti. We tried to get a nice picture of all six kids... The older four all wanted a baby, so we improvised. We'll have to try again soon ;) Isabelle is recovering from some impromptu gymnastics on the stairs which is why she has a scrape on her chin (she's fine though!) Xander showed off his new piano skills, Amelia demonstrated her newfound mobility (foiling our attempts to photo two babies at once) and Theo showed off how to chill on the couch.

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