November 29, 2015
Advent I

It's the first Sunday in Advent, so we started preparing for Christmas by decorating!

The kids also got to watch the Grinch. They approved. Quite a number of the decorations are in unusual clusters as Matthew decided this was much more "booootiful". I contemplated putting up our more fragile decorations from Brendan's grandma since Amelia isn't mobile enough to tip the tree this year and the older two should be old enough to behave. But then I reconsidered when Matthew proudly demonstrated how he can reach nearly the top of the tree (much precarious balancing and wobbling leaning involved). He was hoping I'd let him put some of the glass ornaments up high. Not a chance kid! There were stern lectures about NOT touching Mommy and Daddy's special decorations but if our tree survives this year without getting tipped we'll have to have a celebration.

Also of note: we corrupted Lorianne as we insisted she learn how to correctly place tinsel on a tree (apparently tinsel was banned in her house growing up)! We may have sent some tinsel in a card to her parents...

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