December 14, 2015
Household Christmas

I was at the cheese store getting raclette supplies, so of course I decided to get some saganaki cheese as well. I started going to The House of Cheese in the Byward market after the other local option refused to give me a price for a half round over the phone on the grounds that I "couldn't afford it", but I keep going because they have quite the amazing cheese selection (six different kinds of raclette cheese this year! I went with the Swiss...) Not sure if they recognized me or if it was because I jokingly asked them whether they could remember what kind of cheese we bought last year, but they gave me a 15% discount too!

Having acquired saganaki cheese, I decided it was time to introduce Lorianne to Greek night and flaming cheese! I forgot to get a lemon; we improvised... Greek salad, lemon rice, boiled baby potatoes, gluten-free pita and tzaziki sauce... Brendan barbequed in the rain. Janice picked fresh mint from the garden (December 14th in Ottawa and stuff is still growing!!!) and made her tzaziki alternative (she's allergic to cucumber). It was a feast! There were raspberries and chocolate gluten free cake for dessert.

After the kids were in bed and the dishes were done, Brendan found out that Lorianne and I had never tried eggnog before. Janice volunteered to drive to the store and the next thing we knew, it was time to get cultured. "The fudge of milks", declared Lorianne. I think I will continue letting Brendan consume all the eggnog ;)

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