December 8, 2015
Amelia is 6 months
Six months is crawling (well slithering) all over the place. Amelia pulls with her arms and pushes with her feet. Her tummy stays on the floor, although she can get onto all fours she mostly rocks back and forth. She's quite pleased with being able to move significant distances by herself She is showing an interest in the potted plant in the hall - it is trembling... Super happy most of the time. She's very observant, spends a lot of time playing with toys. Likes to bang them, drop them and eat them. Finally happy to be carried like a football. She's making new sounds and signing (change and milk). Not spitting up nearly as much, but she's slimier than ever as she is now drooling copious quantities of saliva. I guess we are teething! She's tried quite a few small bites of different solids, mostly egged on by siblings. Still has quite a lot of tongue thrust so not really ready to eat a great deal. Elizabeth loves to give Amelia her vitamins. They both call her "my baby" and love to cuddle her, although Matthew has discovered that mobile Amelia is hard to colour around!

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