January 4, 2016
Seven months

At seven months, it's all about the motion. Amelia's very into exploring the world and she is getting quite fast. There have been several destroyed magazines, drawings and card games as a result of careless older siblings. Matthew has learned to haul Amelia away by the legs (he's not allowed to pick her up). Usually Amelia thinks this is hilarious. Elizabeth hauls her around too, although after she dropped her sister we got much stricter with both older kids about remembering that Amelia is NOT a toy! Brendan wants me to point out it was only a couple of inches and Amelia is fine. But still. Beloved sister is not a toy...

At six months Amelia was mostly slithering. By six and a half, a well developed army crawl. Now she's getting up on all fours and even actually crawling. The other kids shriek in great excitement whenever she gets on all fours which tends to startle her back on to her tummy.

Amelia has started doing what her parents lovingly refer to as "blowing bubbles" and her aunt Janice refers to as "lightly misting me with her spit". "Meelee bows me wasbewies", says Matthew (although he's started saying Meelia instead sometimes, sadly).

She's still very smiley. Still a good sleeper. Loves to taste her solids but aside from Mum-Mums which she can demolish quite effectively ("I don't remember Mum-Mums being so messy" says Brendan) she has a hard time actually ingesting anything of substance. The problem is that she tries to nurse everything - her tongue is in the way of actually eating. But she keeps trying and at least she isn't regurgitating most of her milk anymore - we have actually gone a day or two without getting puked on!

On January 21, 2016 at 08:08 am
Grandma H said:
She is adorable!

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