January 7, 2016
A visit from Grandma

My mom popped into town overnight. It was great to see her "in the flesh" as she had been quite ill back home in Angola first with malaria, then typhoid, then an allergic reaction to the meds that were supposed to be making her better. I made roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, rice, roasted vegetables and broccoli for supper. We had lemon meringue pie, which Elizabeth has decided she doesn't appreciate (even though she likes lemon - I don't get it, but I'm happy to eat her portion...) In any case, she begged to be allowed to have banana with milk and a little sugar instead. I agreed. "Oh thank you Mommy! You are a BIG softie!" she exclaimed while the adults all cracked up. Why yes dear child but I'm guessing most parents would allow you to eat fruit instead of lemon meringue pie...

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