January 8, 2016

Since Grandma H was here, I decided to pull Elizabeth out of school early (she went for a short time in order to avoid getting marked absent and also because she wanted to!)

I've long wanted to go feed the chickadees but when Auntie Karen told me how short the trail was I knew we had to go. Just ten minutes drive from our house, I was really surprised when the birds mobbed us just outside of the parking lot! I've heard they aren't always as obliging if there have been many people feeding them but since it was a weekday no one else was around.

I had a mixed wildbird seed I got from bulkbarn a little while ago, but if I were to do it again I'd just get sunflower seeds as that was what the birds really wanted. The kids were a little nervous about the birds at first and insisted I put seed in the sled. The birds weren't too happy about coming in that low. The few that tried it zoomed in and tried to land on the sled but it was super slippery and so they shot away again with ruffled tempers and feeling rather startled, I believe.

After a bit the kids loosened up. Matthew's darker mittens attracted fewer birds but he did NOT like the tickly sensation of the birds landing on his hands so he ended up borrowing my mittens. I noticed that the kids had fewer birds land on them when a (taller) adult was feeding them too.

Everyone enjoyed feeding the birds a lot, although miss Amelia enjoyed herself more after a retreat to the car to warm up and nurse! After feeding the birds we all went to hang out with Karen and the kids until it was time to take Grandma to the airport.

Janice, Lorianne and I went to Costco the day before (dangerous place!) and after Janice ate the pasta she bought she had another serious allergic reaction (number four since Christmas, for those of you counting). Lorianne was joking we should have gotten epi-pens instead of pasta at Bulk Barn. And yes, we ARE using humour to cope with the craziness of Janice's "new part-time job" of hanging out in various ERs around the city.

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