January 22, 2016
Laundry day

I mentioned before that Elizabeth does her own laundry. She's finally mastered opening the dryer safely so she can do it from start to finish all by herself - though it does tend to sit unfolded and not put away unless someone "encourages" otherwise. I don't think I noted that Matthew now needs to help do his laundry as well.

The kids are responsible for taking off their own sheets, washing their towels and all of their clothes (including checking the pockets for treasures!) Elizabeth is in charge of the soap and most of the swapping from and to the dryer, mainly because Matthew just isn't tall enough (and let's face it, he is NOT responsible enough to be allowed to touch soap yet... I can just imagine the disasters!)

It's usually the first chore they do on Saturday mornings, hence why Elizabeth is in her karate outfit and Matthew is not wearing any clothes.

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