February 3, 2016
Eight Months
At eight months, Amelia is standing up. And letting go with one hand! She's learning to climb stairs. She still doesn't sit much but she knows how. She's more likely to kneel because she likes to have both hands free in order to get into things more efficiently. Exploring and getting into things are now probably her main activities.

If she crawls towards me she is either hungry or needs a diaper change! Amelia loves playing with her siblings.  She bats at them (thwack - ok, sometimes it's quite violent!), grabs hair and climbs. Mostly her siblings don't complain, although Matthew has taken to chanting "Help is on the way!" if she is bothering him too much (this is apparently a quote from a Curious George episode!). Her favourite toy is duplo- she likes to stand near the box and rummage through the pieces. This is assuming you don't count scraps of paper, which she attempts to consume at every opportunity. 

Amelia's a bit suspicious of strangers, but she's very friendly compared to her siblings at the same age. Unless she's hungry and deprived of her mother. In which case we joke that she's just like "Jack-Jack" from the Incredibles.

Amelia is still very smiley and quite talkative with a few definite words "mum" and "poof" (which might be her word for nursing). She loves blowing raspberries.

She's had a few ear infections since Christmas and is currently on antibiotics to sort it out. She is not a fan. She is still primarily nursing. She prefers to feed herself - mostly mum mums, clementine slices and yogurt drops. She tastes anything I give her but doesn't seem fond of porridge, rice cereal, banana or sweet potato. She still has a crazy tongue thrust - she nurses everything instead of eating normally. It's possible something isn't quite right there; we are hoping she figures it out on her own though.

On March 1, 2016 at 00:53 am
Auntie Janice said:
I should like to add that comparatively to her siblings, Amelia takes her medicine without much fuss despite perhaps not liking it... I'm still traumatized by memories of sticky pink goo all over me, Brendan and Elizabeth after a round with antibiotics and without mommy support...
On March 2, 2016 at 12:04 pm
Aunt Judy C. Bender said:
What a darling!!

The pictures so wonderfully capture her spirit and she is so adorable!

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