February 28, 2016

We asked a few people to describe Elizabeth at seven: "confident", "passionate", "intelligent, innovative and intimidating", "sassy", "sporty", "lively, lovely, caring and creative"!


Elizabeth is a busy kid - she has skating, swimming, piano and karate after school, as well as the various extra homeschooling stuff I do with her on weekends. I suggested that she might like to stop skating since she is now better than Daddy but it's "too fun".

She loves stuffed animals (Beanies Boos), cute animals (pandas, bunnies, and especially elephants), winter and playing with her friends. Her favourite colour is yellow.


Seven is pretty invested in being treated fairly, especially where siblings are concerned. Learning not to compare what you have to what others are getting is a lesson that took me a LONG time (probably I'm still working on that!) so I have some empathy. But we do struggle to be patient when she lets her dismay that someone else got "more" "first" "better" destroy her pleasure in something she was previously enjoying. Tears and whining are not fun, yo.


Seven can be a little mouthy and argumentative too. And seven still has terrible table manners. I kind of think Dave was 5 and I was 7 when my parents sat us down for the now (in)famous table manners lessons that resulted in us kids all using our fork in the wrong hand (Dad is left handed so he just got us to reverse what he was doing). So I'm hoping that this will be the year Elizabeth learns to eat without wiggling her bottom in the air at her brother. Maybe she'll even start routinely using a fork!


But even though Matthew is admittedly an expert at pushing her buttons if he wants to ("Matthew, what are you doing?" Gleefully: "Me BUGGING Lilbef"), she gets along with her siblings unusually well. In fact most of the time she dotes on both of them and has pretty much stopped the pinching and pushing that was going on a few months ago. She can usually cajole Matthew into whatever play she wants to do and I could not have taken all three of them down to Wellesley and back during March Break without her help. She's a great helper with both of her siblings.


She's a pretty determined kid, and she can be extremely focussed. Whether it's playing her piano piece 77 times in a single week or going to karate every day she's allowed in order to earn her next stripe on her karate belt, she definitely has the drive to meet her personal goals. Not to mention the perseverance to continue even when it seems to take longer than she expected.


I think too she has quite a tender heart. She makes friends easily and cares about them deeply. Gifts are definitely her love language, and she is always telling people about the various things people gave to her (and why they are important to her).


Overall seven is looking to be a fun age with Elizabeth continuing to grow and learn about the world around her.  We're so proud of the wonderful big kid that our little baby has grown into.

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