March 16, 2016

I wanted to visit the aquarium in Toronto and there was definite appeal in not having to drive to Toronto prior to getting on the train. So Auntie Mary, the kids and I drove to Toronto and checked into the hotel right across from the train station! We even had a view of the CN Tower from our beds!


Before we left for Toronto we had breakfast with Aunt Judy C at Schmidsville (my first time). I was quite amused that they handed out coloured Styrofoam peanuts - the kind that melt in water - instead of the typical crayons. The kids loved building stuff with them!


Elizabeth wasn't keen on leaving the hippo house but was reconciled to the hotel when she found out Mary was coming with us.


At first we thought about doing the whole CN Tower thing as well as the aquarium but when we discovered it was over $100 we decided we'll wait until the kids are old enough to remember the experience. We ruled out the zoo when we discovered it was far away and the panda lines were apparently more than 90 minutes for five minutes of viewing.


The aquarium was quite wonderful! We deliberately timed our visit for after the peak March Break time as per their website. It was still quite busy but we didn't have to wait to get on the longest moving sidewalk in North America that takes you through shark lagoon. We could have easily spent all day there and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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