March 12, 2016
A failed birthday present

Elizabeth didn't want to go back to school after her doctor's appointment yesterday - not because she was feeling unwell (fever of 38C, but said she felt "FINE") but because she was bummed that she might never see Dr Jacoby again. "And she is my FAVOURITE, Mom!"


Anyway, we decided to go to a paint your own pottery place to help Auntie Janice make her birthday present as she wanted to paint an adorable owl-shaped teapot. Of course they didn't have the teapot anymore :( So we ended up painting elephants with Elizabeth and Amelia instead. Matthew was at his class which he didn't want to miss because he's a social butterfly and wants to see all his friends.


Morale of the story: if you want a particular piece from a paint your own pottery place, buy it immediately.

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