October 16, 2009
Summer's Over

You know it's getting cold when the winter clothing appears.  Elizabeth isn't a huge fan of snow suits or bunting bags because they restrict her movement quite a lot, but she puts up with it as long as there are enough interesting things to look at!  Like Mr Pumpkin Head, who lives down the street!  Elizabeth fits her winter clothes much better than last winter.  Wasn't she tiny?  (She's wearing the same snowsuit if you follow the link.  Or rather, drowning in it...)


During our walk today we stopped at Fifth Avenue Court to stretch our legs. It was the first time I've been, but I suspect not the last!  Elizabeth loved watching the fans, fountain and playing with the foliage.  While we were there, we met another baby aged six months.  Her grandmother brought little Sophie over to meet Elizabeth.  "Sophie has never seen another baby before", she said.  I was pretty surprised!  Sophie was quite fascinated to meet another baby, so I recommended babytime - we'll see if she appears at Sunnyside on Tuesday.



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