March 27, 2016
Happy Easter!

Alleluia He is Risen!


Easter Sunday was Amelia's first Easter egg hunt (she was very interested in what her siblings were doing but we could not get her attention in order to "help" find her own egg lol). Matthew and Elizabeth hardly ate any breakfast because they were too excited to eat chocolate. Amelia demolished her sulphite-free banana pancake in the shape of an egg and decided she approves of raspberries. She might have eaten more than Elizabeth and Matthew combined!


I found matching Easter dresses for the girls, which is harder than it sounds due to their age gap.


We had Easter lunch right after church with Dave and Karen and family, their friend Sarah, Janice, Lorianne and our family. We tried to make things as allergen-free for everyone as possible, so we tried lots of new recipes. Karen made bunny-shaped rolls and banana cream pie. I made sweet potato lasagna, corn and turkey (which I sadly overcooked, oh well). Janice made a really awesome stuffing substitute with squash and rice. And I talked her into making me a butter lamb...


After lunch we kidnapped Lorianne, Xander and Isabelle to go to godmother Rachel's annual Easter egg hunt. It was epic as usual and we had gorgeous weather - sunny and warm with a fresh layer of snow to have that magical contrast with the eggs. It's not the Easter weather I grew up with but I just loved it. Great company and a fun event!

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