October 15, 2009
We don't eat our feet

Mealtimes are slowly but surely improving as Elizabeth gets used to the idea of solids.


We fed her chili for the first time yesterday (well, okay, rice and kidney bean paste) and she seemed to enjoy it.  In fact, she's stopped crying at mealtimes and while we go to fairly extreme lengths to entertain her during the meal, she's actually starting to swallow food on purpose.  As opposed to swallowing when we've tricked her into actually putting food into her mouth.  It's nice to see some progress but we're still thankful that it's not the quantity of food that she eats that counts, but introducing her to the idea of flavours and textures, since she only eats a couple of teaspoons worth of food at a time.  Patience is definitely in order.


Her favourite food is still popsicle (strawberry-blueberry or strawberry-orange), especially if she can share mom or dad's.  She seems to like mashed bananas, but not avocado.  Cream of rice is okay, squash is better but leek-potato soup was definitely NOT a hit.  Beef gravy was tolerated better than the banana - it would be interesting to see what she makes of it now that she's starting to get the hang of this.  She's getting neater about the actual eating part too!


Oh and she seems to have a taste for toes as well...

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