April 8, 2016

Creighton and Rachel (or Crachel, as the kids have dubbed them) came for supper, to everyone's great delight. Creighton brought chocolate, instantly winning best dinner guest ever award in the eyes of my little chocolate monsters.


Then they babysat all three of our kids. We were going to go to the ballet but we chickened out. But we still went out on a date and had a great time without children! Being us, we went to Home Depot and amused ourselves contemplating how much easier it is to go grocery shopping without kids.


At home, Amelia screamed at Creighton for a while for not being mommy and then passed out! The kids played baby. Elizabeth got to be the baby and Matthew was the big brother. Rachel had to pretend to give birth and they wanted to know if Rachel and Creighton could be their parents "forever".


So all in all I think it was a great success, except that now pretty much the entire family is sick. Amelia and I are especially miserable with a terrible cold that came on suddenly this weekend (probably didn't help that I got four hours of sleep after my hot date due to Janice's latest ER visit. Turns out some brands of cream aren't JUST cream but also have skim milk powder full of sulphites.)

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