April 14, 2016
A funeral

When we had new windows installed, one of the selling points was that the mosquito screens are on the inside. This means that we can clean them from the inside (and they don't get all disgusting!)


There has been a terribly unfortunate side effect in that when birds fly into the windows, they have tended to leave a bloody streak behind...


In any case, we're up to three corpses so far this spring. Number one probably wasn't a window strike (given position of body and lack of smears), but the kids found it and insisted we have a proper burial. Elizabeth presided. First we all had to say a few words about the bird. "But we didn't know the bird", points out Matthew. "It's the most important part of a funeral!" retorts Elizabeth. "Dear bird, you were so beautiful and now you are dead. I hope you get to sing to Great Grandpa, Great Grandma and Grandpa Christian in heaven. Okay, now let's dig the hole." "O-TAY!" says Matthew.


Bird two was a gorgeous woodpecker who mysteriously disappeared before I had a chance to deal with the body (cat? raccoon?) Brendan and I were standing on the back deck talking about how to reduce bird strikes and whether or not there are more strikes with the new windows (or whether we just are outside more now that we have kids and therefore noticing before the cats do), when a third bird quite literally dropped dead at our feet. I didn't photograph him but it had beautiful yellow wings. Then to top it off, the next day at church I watched a bird zoom into one of the windows and the shadow falling plunk outside. Mind you, that window was a) filthy and b) totally opaque. So apparently it is the season for birds to be dumb and I felt just a wee bit better. I'm still going to try some anti-bird strike solutions though!

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