April 21, 2016
Street Sweepers

We know it's really spring because the street sweepers have arrived. A posse of a half dozen or so went up and down our street today, not including the sidewalk cleaners - they went by a few days ago. Matthew and Amelia watched, wide-eyed.


Finally broke down and went to the doctor after Janice got antibiotics for ear/chest. Besides, my ear has been very sore for at least a week & I can't hear out of it well. "The ear is the least of your problems. You must have a really high tolerance for chest infections", said nice nurse practitioner after listening to my chest. It's apparently spectacular. Double ear infection too. Matthew coughed so hard he threw up the other day and Amelia is purring. So I thought maybe we'd better get their chests and ears checked too. Sadly no pediatricians available but random walk-in guy has prescribed puffer + antibiotics for Matthew and antibiotics for Amelia.

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