May 1, 2016

It was hazardous waste depot day so we drove out to the middle of nowhere to dispose of much old paint, expired fertilizers and old oil. Despite the army of staff we had to wait a while, giving us ample time to consider whether the city of Ottawa actually wants the populace to dispose of hazardous waste "correctly". We've been a few times now and honestly it's so much hassle I suspect many just chuck it into their garbage.


In any case, after our hazardous waste was duly handed over we had a much more enjoyable activity planned - swimming at Grandma's!!! Elizabeth spent most of her time underwater (when she wasn't challenging the adults to a race!). Matthew showed off his floating on his back skills, though I missed getting a proper photo. Back floats have been challenging for my oldest two - neither particularly liked lying on their back out of the water, let alone in. Amelia continues to love the water. She's still spontaneously dunking her head and laughing. Daddy jumped her around the pool - she loved it!

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