October 18, 2009
Sippy Cup

Elizabeth loves drinking from a cup.  She loves to imitate Mom and Dad drinking water by tilting it towards her mouth.  She prefers not to have assistance, but even her best attempts to drink from an open cup involve dumping a lot of water everywhere but her mouth. 


So lately we've been experimenting with a sippy cup. The only problem is that she has no idea that she is supposed to suck on the spout.  She gnaws away at it, trying in vain to extract liquid through sheer chomping effort.  We tried a number of different spouts, but eventually had to remove the control valve for now as suggested in this list of sippy cup introduction do's and don'ts.  This only works since she usually doesn't hold the cup at a high enough angle to release the liquid.  Periodically she gets it high enough to get a mouthful of water.  Once she tastes water, she'll stop gnawing and start lapping at the water (a bit like a dog).  Then the only problem is that she's so proud of herself that she gets a huge smile and water starts leaking out the corners of her mouth.


We're assuming that she'll get the hang of this eventually!

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