May 7, 2016
Biking adventures

Back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth Daddy and his friend Thomas used to go out biking for fun and adventure.  Since Thomas finally came to his senses and moved back to Ottawa they've been somewhat remiss in getting back in the saddle so to speak.  Mommy finally decided that the only way to make sure they actually went was to kick them out and tell them to not come back until they'd gone 15 kilometers.  Well maybe not quite that specific but it worked.  There is a rumour that they even enjoyed themselves and might do it again.



I've been taking Elizabeth on some longer bike rides as part of her upcoming race day prep (because physical activity counts and I hate running!) So when Daddy left for a bike ride, Matthew utterly lost it. Elizabeth was at her friend Olivia's for a playdate so we decided that Matthew and I could go to the tulip festival for a "bike ride" using his tricycle.



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