May 3, 2016
11 months

At eleven months, Amelia has definite ideas about what she is doing. Stubborn. Focussed. Determined. Not easily redirected, even if we leave the room.


Still a very happy, giggly baby most of the time. When she's unhappy, everyone hears about it until conditions are corrected. Usually she's happy doing her own thing playing with toys or siblings until she decides she wants to nurse. Then she will scream unrelentingly until she gets what she wants or passes out.


She bobs her head a lot, a bit like a bobble head doll. She'll also suddenly fling her head backwards so that she can see the world upside down - I can't always figure out if this is a hilarious game or if she's nodding yes but she gets quite giggly when doing it unless she cracks her head on the side of the crib in the process.


She is getting much better at eating, especially finger foods. She loves sweet potato, gold fish, cheerios, broccoli, corn, apple, bread, rice, berries, cookies, raisins, ice cream... She also likes most yogurt, but unless we let her "dip" she has a hard time eating from the spoon - that tongue still getting in the way a bit. She is not a big fan of meat. Or bananas. Shockingly, she doesn't love chocolate the way her siblings do. It's fine in cookies or cake, but she will not eat chocolate otherwise. Since she does not yet have any teeth, perhaps this is because it's too hard? Not clear, but no one is complaining! She is still nursing, especially before a sleep and several times through the night. She finds teeth fascinating. She tries to poke in my mouth all the time, which is strangely unappreciated.


We don't think she has any particular favourite toys, unless you count neighbour Martin's Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car. She likes to push it around, climb in and honk the horn. She's also fairly fond of the Tomy Hide n Squeak eggs we had from when Elizabeth was small. Her favourite activity by far is climbing up and down the stairs. Often she'll take an object with her. Mommy's sock. A stuffie. A block. A heavy bean bag. She likes to listen to stories and turn the pages by self.


She still loves eating paper and Kleenex. If she gets into the Kleenex she has started pretending to blow her nose before eating it.


Peek-a-boo is a fun game. She hasn't figured out how to cover her face but turns her head away. She also turns away if (gasp) someone looks at her. It's often unacceptable for strangers (defined as not Mommy or Daddy) to look at her. The other day she wailed when Grandma J looked at her, but then when Grandma left to go downstairs she wailed and tried to go after her. But when Grandma came back and dared look again, more wailing ensued.


Still only a few intelligible words and while she'll wave "bye bye" and tap her tray for "more" she doesn't have very many signs to help us out. She doesn't really want help from others though, just facilitation to do the things she's set out to do!


She loves playing outside, but because she's so independent she does unspeakable things to her pants crawling through the grass and dirt. We have to be very vigilant to avoid excessive consumption of bugs, dirt, sticks and grass.


She can stand up for a few seconds and cruises around the furniture but finds crawling much more efficient so isn't interested in walking as a means to get around. Standing up and climbing is for getting into things. She managed to climb onto a chair to get at things on the counter in the kitchen. I still don't know how she got the raspberries off the dining room table - what a mess!


She also climbed out of the crib, over a laundry basket and off our big bed to meet Brendan at the door (just like big brother Matthew). Good thing we emphasize going down "backwards".

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