May 10, 2016
Star Trek

We were lucky enough to get a free friends and family sneak peek at the new Star Trek exhibit that's at the Aviation museum this summer. Janice was going to watch the kids while Brendan and I went through, but unfortunately she ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction instead. So the kids played outside on the play structure with first Daddy, then our lovely new tenant Hayley (who also works at the museum!) and then with me. My favourite part was the transporter, though the Klingon training program was pretty hilarious. Neither Brendan nor I received high marks for that. Shockingly, I know...


I thought that the questionnaires were amusing, although they took far too long to load. Hopefully they will have sorted that out by now though. The Star Wars exhibit had more original artifacts, but I enjoyed this one more and on the whole I'd recommend it. But then again, I'm the kind of Star Trek fan that once spent $20 to go to a Star Trek convention and then loudly demanded to know who William Shatner was. 


The tulips were planted outside the museum.

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