May 22, 2016
Sheep Shearing

It was the annual sheep shearing festival so we headed to the farm with Grandma J! Sadly we arrived towards the end of the dog agility demonstrations (my favourite part!). Afterwards Elizabeth made a skipping rope out of yarn while the rest of the family went to watch the sheepdog herding. She was interested to see how they used to make rope, but even more interested to have a new skipping rope. In theory she's supposed to share with Matthew... After ropemaking we went to see the sheepdogs too but we've seen this demo several years in a row and it was extremely hot so after a few minutes Elizabeth was keen to go and look at some of the other demos. We made felt bracelets. The kids got a chance to try weaving and they watched a spinning demonstration.


Then we headed over to the very last sheep shearing demo of the day, where we met up with our neighbours. I would not want to watch sheep shearing all day, but I find my annual demo extremely amusing. Elizabeth insisted on bringing some of the wool home where it is waiting for mommy to have the energy to wash and card it.


Afterwards we played in the play structures for a bit, and visited the tractors and watched the cows go out to pasture for the first time since last fall. The cows were just a little excited. As soon as the gate opened they totally galloped around the corner and out of sight. Brendan says he didn't even know that cows a) could get excited or b) galloped!

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