May 13, 2016
Rainy tulips

Auntie Mary has come for a long anticipated visit!


After walking Elizabeth to the bus we decided we just had to go see tulips. So off we went in the pouring rain. Strangely the park was pretty deserted - except for NCC staff who were busily getting ready for the festival; weeding and planting stuff in the rain. I was surprised that one bed was totally overgrown with grass and weeds; definitely not up to their usual standards.


We were pretty soaked after our walk despite rain jackets and umbrellas. Mary had a shower to warm up, but Matthew figured he'd already HAD his shower for the day.


Later that afternoon the rain stopped and it became a lovely day. I enjoyed our rainy walk even if we should have gone later!


In the evening we played Scrabble while Amelia discovered the joy of using a little chair as a walker. Elizabeth lent Amelia her dolly's bottle. It's great fun to suck on, even if it doesn't actually work!

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