May 24, 2016
Face paint practice

Elizabeth decided that she wanted to do face painting and tattoos at the Great Glebe Garage sale this coming weekend in order to try to reach her Jump Rope for Heart fundraising target. She made some posters which we attached at the end of the street.


Then we stopped at a dollar store conveniently located next to her orthodontist and picked up a few supplies. Orthodontist says by the way that the teeth on the bottom are tight and the teeth on top are spaced because her bite is too deep. But nothing to be done right now, wait another year and come back. He is "interested to see what will develop" (!)


Once we got home our artist got to work. First she recruited her brother as "help" to do the tattoos (because she can't do both at once and some people might not have time to wait). He was happy to agree and I was relieved to determine that applying temporary tattoos was within a three-year-old's skill set.


Matthew wanted her to give him spider related drawings. I think she delivered. He seemed happy enough. I got an owl and a butterfly. Then I had to try a cat. I think I need practice.

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