October 21, 2009
Best waiting room ever

Elizabeth visited an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist today for an(other) expert opinion on her hemangiomas. 


We made sure to get there early since we had been sternly advised that being late would incur us a $50 cancellation fee.  The clinic has what must be the prettiest waiting room in all of Ottawa, and one of the best toys ever.  It was a wooden board with grooves for cars.  On one side (pictured) the cars were all emergency vehicles (police cars, ambulances etc).  On the other, they were construction vehicles.  Elizabeth loved moving the vehicles around the board, even if she did tend to cause a lot of traffic jams!


The appointment itself was very brief.  He looked up her nose, in her ears and down her throat before pronouncing her healthy.  The best part is not having to go back. 


We're not entirely sure that the appointment was strictly necessary, given that she had already been looked over by the plastic surgeons and dermatologists, but he did provide a few tidbits that were helpful.  Elizabeth has been scratching at her outer ear, so I was relieved to hear that her ears are perfectly fine. Secondly,  I've been experiencing some breastfeeding issues in the last week and this visit allowed me to rule out the possibility of thrush.

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