June 5, 2016
Doors Open Ottawa: NRC Wind tunnel and Lawn bowling

Grand plans to see more Doors Open Ottawa after church and a special vestry were foiled when Matthew woke up in a puddle of vomit. It was clear he wasn't going anywhere.

So I sent Elizabeth and Daddy off to church and stayed home to tend to a very ill Matthew. This was somewhat challenging as Amelia really wanted to get into the puke bucket.


After vestry Brendan and Elizabeth tried to go to see the wind tunnel. The line was five million years long so even though it wasn't due to close for a while they were turned away. Elizabeth was sad.


Daddy was unwilling to pay for parking anywhere only to be potentially turned away, so alternative options were limited. They decided to try the Lawn bowling and tennis club. There was no line. There were no staff, except one guy manning the desk who didn't know anything about the history of the place.  The tennis courts were all empty due to the rain. The pool was abandoned too. Lawn bowling had been converted to beach volleyball for some inexplicable reason. There were a few people playing half heartedly in the rain.


Brendan was underwhelmed. Elizabeth was more enthusiastic, repeating multiple times that the man was very nice. Brendan thinks that this was because he answered her question Q: "Why are there towels [to rent for $2]" A: "So people can wipe themselves off when they get sweaty". So not quite up to our usual expectations, but there's always next year...

On September 24, 2016 at 01:08 am
Chris Jaekl said:
Sorry this is late... I thought I remembered why there is no longer any lawn bowling at the "Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club", but wasn't sure whether my memory was playing tricks on me.

Browsing through OSCAR back issues today, I came across the article that I (vaguely) remembered reading before (see page 15):


TL;DR: Tennis is more profitable, but required borrowing significant capital for renovations. So they've moved to all-tennis to help deal with debts that were incurred for tennis.

Some of the lawn-bowlers who had purchased shares in the expectation of lifetime lawn-bowling were... annoyed.

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