June 3, 2016
Amelia is ONE

At one Amelia is very giggly and smiley with definite ideas about what she wants to do. She loves to explore. She's very independent and not easily redirected if she's made up her mind to do something. Like climb into the tub. She's a pretty good climber too - she can move chairs and climb on them to get up to the table or the sink. The bathroom is obviously now out of bounds without an adult; and that was before she started expressing an interest in seeing what items float when thrown into the toilet. At least she can also get herself back down safely too. Brendan is very insistent that our children know to go "backwards" down stairs as we don't have baby gates and this skill has served Amelia extremely well.


She gets around fast on all fours regardless of terrain. She stands unassisted for quite a long time. But that first step eludes her. Matthew and Elizabeth like to take her "walking" holding onto their fingers but Amelia is not as enthusiastic about it as they are.


Amelia knows where the snack cupboard is and likes to help herself. She's quite dextrous when motivated to get at food; she has been caught unscrewing the cap off bottles, opening the alligator clips for the marshmallows and licking the chocolate off each cookie. Good thing she can't get into the fridge! She's a much better eater than her siblings were at this age, as long as we let her feed herself. She doesn't really eat meat or fish but pretty much anything else is acceptable. Particular favourites: yogurt, peas, ice cream, crackers, broccoli, berries, watermelon, whatever everyone else is eating. She's still nursing. Often while standing on her head wiggling her bottom in the air. She loves having her own "sippy" of water like her siblings. She takes a big mouthful and then spits it out all over herself.


Amelia loves to hang out with her siblings. They can play together for a very long time - Matthew and Amelia have been known to spend hours playing together in the sandbox and/or playhouse.


She's made friends with Grandma J now that she realizes her appearance usually means getting to go to the park. At the park she's a fan of swings and slides. Especially slides - the bigger the better.


She usually wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00am, and naps around 9:30am and 1pm. But she has been shifting her morning nap later and dropping the afternoon nap so the days of two naps might be numbered.


Amelia likes to play with many different things but nothing for an extended period unless you count Martin's little tykes car. Things that roll and that open and close are really popular hence why she loves that car. Cupboards also open and close. It's fun to take all the pots out of Mommy's cupboard, all the pens out of Daddy's drawer and all the clothes out of her clothes drawer. She's getting much better about not trying to amputate her fingers in the process.


Amelia likes to hang upside down. I guess it's a variation on peek-a-boo, which she loves. She's much more likely to fling her head back and then come back up abruptly than cover her face though.


She talks a lot. We understand almost nothing but she mostly refuses to use any signs to help us out. Except for dirty, which she thinks is funny. She's just starting to point at things. Most of her sounds consist of soft cooing and baby babbles which are adorable. Less adorable is the shrieking. She shrieks when she wants something or if she gets frustrated (toys not playing the way she intended).


On her actual birthday, we had Grandma J, Auntie Janice, Uncle Dave, Auntie Karen, cousins, Auntie Heather and Hayley for dinner. The big kids ate outside by themselves! Amelia had a candle in her apple at breakfast. We tried to get her to blow it out but she just giggled and giggled. At suppertime she liked the candle but still had no idea what to do. Luckily Xander and Matthew were more than willing to help her out! Elizabeth made her a bracelet which may have promptly been dismantled into many beads. Auntie Mary gave her a baby monkey (much coveted by the other two!) A journal from Lorianne. A growth chart from Auntie Karen and crew. A tiny owl and board book from Auntie Janice. A bike helmet from Grandma. And a paddling pool from Elizabeth and Matthew (and Mommy and Daddy)

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