June 12, 2016
Karate Tournament, Ottawa Chamber Orchestra

Elizabeth decided she wanted to participate in the karate tournament, so I took the younger two kids to church and Brendan took Elizabeth to karate Sunday morning. Elizabeth was super keen on doing the tournament - she bugged me for several weeks in advance until we finally agreed to pay the extra fee and allow her to skip most of church. I spent more time than I'm willing to admit chasing down the cash required...one of these days the rest of the world will join me in being cashless! I finally signed her up and paid the day before the tournament. So I was not amused when it was time to go and Elizabeth didn't want to put her uniform on. "But I don't waaaaaant to do the tournament" she wailed. "Why are you maaaaking me go?" "I don't even knoooooow what a tournament is!" We decided to ignore her fit of nerves and she relaxed once they got there. At the dojo Brendan was surprised by how many kids were involved. He thinks they may need a bigger facility! They kept it moving and the whole experience was encouraging for everyone regardless if they "won" or not. Only one kid burst into tears (not Elizabeth)! Brendan thought it was interesting to see the differences between kids - some were much more precise than others. He had wanted to see the more advanced kids compete but Elizabeth asked to go to church before they went.


Elizabeth has been saving up her various finds for the Trading Post so after church we dropped by the museum again to trade them in. She found half a blue eggshell on the way to the bus stop and immediately decided she needed to trade it in along with a dead cicada (8 points) and several cicada exuviates (4 points each). I only know what an exuviate is because of the trading post.


Anyway, she gets more points if she can figure out what she is trading and can talk a bit about it so we walked around the recently reopened bird exhibit looking for information about eggs. Turns out it was probably a blue jay egg. Lots of points despite having gotten smashed before we got it to the museum. In fact, she got so many points that she had enough to share some with Matthew. He's going to collect his own stuff now!


We zoomed around the dinosaurs again quickly with summer tenant Hayley but we couldn't stay because we scored free tickets for the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra! The kids loved most of it until the end when they were sad to discover that the concert had lasted "too long" and they couldn't go back to the dinosaurs because the museum was closing. Then there was much muttering and gnashing of teeth. It was a great concert though, aside from an overly long intermission. I would recommend going if you have a chance. Amelia stayed home with Daddy because we were concerned about disrupting others but as it was geared to kids it turned out she would have been okay. Next time she'll get to come too!

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