June 7, 2016

Matthew had mostly recovered from his bout with stomach flu and we were hoping that we were out of the woods when Amelia started barfing. This wasn't totally unexpected as she had "shared" a water bottle with Isabelle on Friday - we were just surprised that Matthew had gotten sick first.


In any case she was quite miserable, throwing up so often that I stopped bothering with clothes for her. Or sheets for the bed. Eventually I gave up on the bed altogether, and just lined the tub with towels. We spent the better part of the night with her whimper-dozing on my chest for about twenty minutes, then little cough - my cue to position the bucket and then conveniently able to flip the tap and rinse away the puke. Playing in the water was a good distraction from the misery of barfing, and WAY better than playing in the vomit. (Why do small kids want to puddle in vile substances???)

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