June 22, 2016

Matthew had a slightly stuffy nose that he has insisted on SNIFF SNIFF SNIFFING in for the past few days. Elizabeth has been complaining bitterly about the aggravation of listening to him sniff at bedtime. We have tried very hard to get him to blow out instead of in, but "me not want to". Predictably, he has been complaining about his "owie" ear. After a night of no sleeping without Tylenol AND heat pack on his ear AND mommy to help hold his ear just right I decided enough was enough and packed him off to the walk-in clinic to see if there was anything else to be done. I was also motivated by Matthew suddenly peeing his pants every thirty minutes - wondered if he'd somehow picked up a UTI or something as he is normally able to use a toilet fine (though reminders required when he's into something more fun).


The wait time was allegedly ten minutes, but an hour later Amelia was done her nap and there were still three people ahead of us (down from seven upon arrival). I guess everyone else saw the ten minutes too! Of course I forgot diapers. Of course we needed one. Eventually they called us in to get weighed and wait for the doctor and I got very excited when they explained he would see us "soon". And then cranky when it turned out that by "soon" they meant I needed to entertain Matthew and Amelia in a small windowless clinic room for 25 minutes. All Amelia wanted to do was lick the floor (no), open the drawers (hmm) and unwind the paper (um no). Eventually I resorted to running the water in the little sink and letting her splash, because Matthew was complaining that her constant shrieking was hurting his ears.


I might have been a wee bit cranky by the time the doctor finally got around to us. Luckily he was extremely nice and even better it turned out that Matthew's ear warranted antibiotics. I guess my wallet was not so excited about the antibiotics but I was hopeful for a better night's sleep soon...

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