February 25, 2009
Hospital virtual tour

We attended the Montfort\\u2019s \\u201cVirtual Tour\\u201d this evening \\u2013 essentially an orientation session with one of the nurses who went over the various procedures for coming to the hospital, showed us pictures of the maternity ward areas, went over some of the things we could expect and answered questions. The nurse was extremely nice.


We filled out some additional paperwork \\u2013 one of which was obviously an assessment for post-partum depression risk. I was amused by the question that asked whether we had experienced or were about to experience major life changes recently since virtually every aspect of our life is undergoing major change at the moment. Presumably they were not counting becoming parents...


We particularly appreciated hearing about the reasoning behind some of the rules in place on the ward (visiting hours are only 4pm to 8pm daily). She explained that they had found that longer hours were hard on new mothers, resulting often in overtired parents melting down emotionally towards the end of the evening. The regulations have obviously been well thought out. The nurse explained that they do sometimes allow exceptions at the discretion of the nurses \\u2013 the idea is not to follow the rules for the sake of the rules, but to look out for the best welfare of mom and baby. Unfortunately Erika won\\u2019t be able to come and visit as she is under the age of 14 and not a sibling. We might have been able to get an exception with some begging, except that Erika has also had a bad cold.


The entire maternity wing is new as of this summer and it looks very nice. Since we are scheduled for a c-section, we\\u2019ll probably be put in a \\u201ctraditional\\u201d room \\u2013 defined as a room with a shower, instead of Jacuzzi tub. (Getting into a tub after a c-section is apparently not something that is very easy at first.) We\\u2019ve signed up for a ward room since it\\u2019s free and we don\\u2019t have any additional coverage. We were also relieved to hear that the Montfort doesn\\u2019t \\u201cdo\\u201d sugar water supplementation \\u2013 something that other area hospitals have been known to do without consulting the parents...


I was quite embarrassed to find myself in tears after hearing about what to expect during and after a caesarean \\u2013 as I told the nurse this is so dramatically different from the natural home birth plans we had hoped for. I do feel a bit better about going to the hospital after the tour.

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