June 20, 2016
Spiderman shoes

The big kids needed new shoes so we went to the store. Last time we went Elizabeth insisted on getting laced shoes, but apparently the novelty has worn off since this time she was looking for Velcro. She's now at the size where the options in Velcro are quite limited. She would have liked lights, but they only had light-up shoes in her size in a Frozen theme. And apparently Frozen is not cool anymore, or at least not those particular shoes since she "already had a pair exactly like that" and also "the pictures wear off".


After consultation with her brother, she decided to get Spiderman shoes so that she could match him. Sometimes this particular sibling pair is quite adorable.


"Lilbeth" Matthew recently asked. "When I 'tart going to school on da bus wif you, tan I sit next to you? On da bus?" "Yes" replied Elizabeth. "Oh dood" he exulted "Tuz I DO yike you Lilbeth. I yike you yots"

On July 22, 2016 at 12:53 pm
Grandma H said:
That is adorable! Was it the shoes that stimulated such mushy feelings?

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