June 17, 2016
Cooking Class

We signed Matthew up for a couple of afternoon drop off classes this year as he is an incredibly social little boy and has had a much harder time doing work time than Elizabeth ever did. So since his parents still need to get work done we thought he might enjoy bouncing around at the local community centre for "Sport" and "Tumbling Tots". We got off to a rough start with the tumbling class when Matthew flatly refused to go in. In fact, he screamed his head off and opted to go home and nap for two hours instead of the class. Which was discouraging. He did eventually make fast friends with "Miss Deanna" and Tumbling tots soon became the highlight of his week. He made especial friends with two little boys (Marshall and Lysander), and we heard a great deal about their antics week in and week out.


The sport class started out fairly promising with what looked like an attempt at actual hockey but quickly turned into mostly playing around and (weirdly) an animal show. Matthew was not into sport class. When pressed, he finally told me that the teacher was a "scary dragon with dangerous hair". Turned out she had a rather vivid dye job. I discretely let the teacher know that Matthew was afraid of her hair and got her to befriend him and after that he was okay. It helped that his friends took this class too.


As the seasons changed we all signed the kids up for more classes. Sport moved to Wednesdays but Marshall couldn't do Wednesdays so in the end we all registered for cooking class. Matthew was surprisingly psyched about cooking and whenever he was allowed he brought home something for Elizabeth to eat... Except he DID eat the gummy worms out of the "dirt pudding" and then tried to con me into buying some extra for Elizabeth. I was impressed he saved the pudding!

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