July 30, 2016

We had fully intended to go camping a few weeks ago at Dianne's father's cottage but torrential downpour and inch and a half hail put a serious crimp in our plan. Truth be told, even after Dave and Karen bailed, Dianne and I might have gone anyway except for the firm veto of our husbands. I just couldn't believe that given the ongoing and serious drought that the ONE weekend I planned to go camping we got several inches. Anyway, we were glad we didn't go since we would have gotten extremely wet - our backyard flooded (standing water! That NEVER happens).


Dianne and David and family, our family, Dave and Karen's family and our tenant Hayley did all manage to find time to go camping overnight at Rideau River again though. Elizabeth brought her friend Karis and we had TWO kids tents - one for the boys (Aidan, Xander, Matthew), and one for the girls (Elizabeth, Karis, Caitlyn). At first it was a bit tricky because they all wanted to pile into one tent, and failing that everyone wanted to be with Elizabeth. But eventually we figured it out. Isabelle and Theo tried out Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen's brand new fourteen person tent!


It was Aidan, Caitlyn and Xander's first time in a kid only tent... Little Elizabeth's first s'more... Elizabeth's first time whispering and giggling with a friend up to all hours (usually she gets all grumpy and tells people to let her sleep). Amelia went wild over the tent and air mattress again. I eventually gave up on putting her to bed and let her play in Evelyn's chair until nearly 10pm.


Auntie Janice and neighbour Lauren (with "little" Elizabeth and Charlotte) came for supper (chili) and s'mores, but couldn't stay overnight. Auntie Heather and new beau Andre dropped by as well.


Auntie Heather, Grandma J and Andre canoed to the campsite the following morning and we spent the rest of the day playing on the beach.

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