July 14, 2016
Camping, CHRI

Elizabeth, Matthew and Auntie Janice went on an adventure today. Here's Elizabeth's report:


"We went to the radio station. It's where you listen to music and talking. It's very fun. Most persons have it on their car too! [Ed Note. My kids were SUPER impressed to discover we have a radio in the car. Minds BLOWN. I guess we don't listen to it much!] When we came we were downstairs and that's where we got chocolate. Milk chocolate and it was SO tasty. Then we got a bookmark. Auntie Janice got a book and a bookmark.


My favourite part was the chocolates and the music and they gave us headphones. The lady was talking on the microphone. Care talked about the weather. Her real name is Carolyn but everyone calls her Care.


I refilled my water bottle but I discovered I don't like bottled water. Not at all. I hate it.


After that we went to look at fridges and buy shorts and shirts for Auntie Janice. We played under the benches while she got dressed." 


When they came home from the adventure we built a tent out of fort magic and the kids had a little sleepover in the basement. We half-expected issues in the middle of the night but they just went to sleep and stayed that way all night, despite the huge storm.

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