September 4, 2016
Fifteen months

At fifteen months Amelia is definitely making the transition from mostly crawling to mostly walking. She weighs 18 pounds.


She's a terrifyingly good climber, whether it's to the top of the highest slide in the playground or up the ladder of Elizabeth's bunk bed. She looooves slides and will fling herself down with abandon (backwards, thankfully).


She is also extremely fond of the swing, especially when she can con her siblings into pushing her.


She still doesn't eat meat, or eggs, or fish or any protein really, but everything else gets tried before she drops it unceremoniously off her tray. Elizabeth is convinced that Amelia's just saving her leftovers for later, and it is certainly true that she will come back and scrounge a snack under her highchair if we have neglected the cleanup too long.


Amelia's actually quite a good eater if messy as long as she is allowed to feed herself - she is very independent and does not take kindly to unwanted help. She is just starting to demand a fork and spoon like her siblings. Some favourite foods include corn on the cob, pasta, peas and chocolate ice cream.


She's mostly down to one nap in the early afternoon and goes to bed around seven with the rest of the kids, but her schedule is wildly unpredictable.


Amelia has recently learned how to kiss. She loves to crawl over mommy and daddy in the morning and give wake up kisses. This is adorable when she wakes up at her regular time around 7am. Less so the odd time she gets up early... 


She has added a few more signs, but in general she's not particularly communicative. Perhaps her siblings have used up all of the words. Or maybe she has trained us too well to respond to a shriek and holding out her hand "WANT".


She's always played pretty independently but said play is getting more complex and imaginative. She likes to stack blocks to build castles (and knock them down, of course). A favourite toy right now is the Fisher Price bus. She loves putting the people in and taking them out. 

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