August 9, 2016
Cottage Days: Feeding the deer

The cottage is really beautiful. Indigo the kitty visited our cottage quite a few times. Amelia was not sure she approved, but Elizabeth got caught holding open the door!


In addition to cats, blue jays, ducks and chipmunks, this year we got very close to the deer. Elizabeth and Matthew were lucky enough to make friends with Wheelhouse, who lured the deer within several feet with the aid of apples. We tried carrots another time; apparently only apples will do.


Another day Brendan, the kids and I took the canoe and paddled all around the lake until we managed to get close enough for a photo of Mr Heron!


Elizabeth accidentally stepped on a garter snake while hiking. We were all sufficiently startled enough that no photo was taken.


We didn't really have good luck with our stargazing this year; the moon or clouds pretty much conspired to obscure most of the heavens especially during the Perseids meteor shower. We did get to hear one of the best wolf howls we've ever heard though, and we've heard quite a few nice ones! The big kids started practicing their own owl calls and wolf howls as demonstrated by Nancy. But they are too scared to try it outside (especially at night) just in case they might be successful... 

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