October 1, 2016
Wedding #RayCray2016

Rachel and Creighton got married and no one swallowed, lost or otherwise did anything terrible to the rings!


The kids were all super serious about their very important jobs. Elizabeth scattered her petals very diligently. We were amused that Isabelle made it down the aisle with her flowers mostly intact!


Matthew adores his suit and wears it at every opportunity. "I want to look like a present!" he says. Elizabeth loved her dress too, but "it's too special to wear".


Everyone sat quietly through the ceremony, especially Matthew who completely passed out. We were very amused to see Elizabeth keeping herself occupied by rehearsing her kata (she was very discrete). The ceremony was lovely. Rachel and Creighton sang - of course.


Afterwards the kids had a great time photo-bombing the official pictures. We let them stay and run around longer than strictly necessary on the theory that letting off steam would be a good idea. We *might* have had a few near meltdowns while waiting to eat but no one had to leave kicking and screaming and the kids enjoyed themselves greatly. There was much laughter and clapping and kissing for pancreatic cancer. The kids got to bring up coins from many of the other tables at the reception. "We got to make them kiss!", exulted Elizabeth with glee. The British candy bar was also a great hit. The kids have both declared their intention to copy this for their weddings.


Matthew had a great time with his "number one buddy" Victoria (Rachel's sister).


All too soon it was time to change into pjs and have one last dance before heading home to bed. "When I grow up, no one is going to make me leave the dancing early!", Matthew declared. 

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