August 22, 2016
Cottage Days: Kids Club

In addition to tubing, another super amazing addition to our cottage fun this summer was Kids Club.


Bondi challenged us to become official Bondi Outdoor Club members (and win prizes). All the kids participated to the best of their abilities.


Amelia didn't write a poem, but she did participate in the most hilarious game of crawl tag with her older siblings who were determined that she would complete as many challenges as feasible.


Elizabeth's poem:

Squeegee is my best pony

She is with Abby so she isn't lonely

Squeegee likes eating carrot cake

Squeegee likes going in the lake


Elizabeth's essay (although her creative spelling might be the best part):

"My favourite part of Bondi is playing at the cottage and the beach! I also like everything at Bondi!!!" (Note the Olympic symbols - that's definitely been a theme this year)


Matthew's poems (a collaborative effort with his sister, who then got mad when she decided she liked his poem better than hers):

Pony I like your nose and tail

Only don't kick me with your hooves

Now I like to ride when you go out

You are friends with all the animals ...and me.


Squeegee has a nose, tail and eyes

Squeegee gives a ride to me

Squeegee's tail swats the flies

Squeegee I have to give you a huggy


Matthew's essay (dictated):

"My favourite part of Bondi is going swimming cuz I like going swimming. I was about to do a flip but you can't on a boat so you have to do it in the water. I did a big swim at the point a thousand times. Can't do that at home."


We brought the leaves home with us in order to trade it in at the museum of nature, but so far the kids can't bear to part with them so they are in their collection of cool things.


We didn't quite complete everything, but that just gives us something to strive for next time. Matthew picked out his very own kite as a prize, while the girls got some inflatable beach toys to play with.


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