October 3, 2016
16 months

At sixteen months, Amelia is now a toddler - not much crawling anymore.


She loves to draw. We've consolidated our craft things in a little cupboard in our living room and given a chance Amelia loves to rummage through it looking for forbidden items to strew all over the floor. She can't uncap markers or unscrew the paints so I often let her. She's very good at building towers of glitter glue paint. She doesn't just stack paint, blocks have become quite popular and she can build very elaborate structures.


She is obsessed with toothbrushes and is constantly trying to steal Matthew's and Elizabeth's (EWW).


Not a big fan of lots of strangers, she'll frequently shake her head no when asked to say hello to someone new. But she warms up quickly.


She's always been our climber. We have to be careful if she takes off for another floor of the house unsupervised because she climbs up to Elizabeth's top bunk and gets into her lip balm. This is not popular. More popular is when she comes up to give (supervised) goodnight hugs and kisses. Amelia loves giving hugs and kisses.


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